Each year, the members of MAUVSA participate in a Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP), which is a collaborative effort among the VSAs of UNAVSA and the greater Vietnamese community to raise money for a single charitable cause. In 2016, MAUVSA donated to Kids Without Borders, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on serving youths in Vietnam. Their project Teach Me How to Fish provides financial assistance, resources, and mentorship to Vietnam’s young orphans as they enter adulthood.

In 2009, MAUVSA donated to VietHope, an organization dedicated to building schools and offering scholarships in Vietnam. MAUVSA presented a ceremonial check for $5,000 at a formal dinner gala in June.

In 2008, MAUVSA successfully raised $7,700 for Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscious Empowerment (VOICE), an organization offering legal and social services to Vietnamese refugees overseas. To celebrate and commemorate their achievements, the members of MAUVSA hosted a formal ball in June.